Schmidt and Thorton Family Photo’s

Jennifer and her sister decided they should do some wonderful group shots. They were able to have three sessions in one at the end of the day.

We did the whole family, breakouts, individuals, and parent child. It was marvelous and the kids kept each other happy throughout the whole shoot which did last a bit longer than average. We were able to really get the fall colors, and bring out everyone’s personality.


The Narcum Family

I love working in the studio! Yesterday the Narcum family came to visit. Their sweet almost 2 year old Greta, and brand new baby boy Dominic were a delight! Children and babies make my job so much fun. Greta was a brother holding pro, even if he was wiggly. Mom and dad were wonderful and I love the pictures.

 IMG_4320__3648 x 5472

The Lampuri Family

The Lampuri Family is from Italy, and they embodied true style. They were fun and relaxed. My daughter and Giuseppe have gone to school together and he is the sweetest little lad. He loves his mommy, and they share an awesome bond. This was I believe the first time I had the pleasure of meeting dad and I just love seeing the whole family together and how awesome the love is.